What is the AFS (Automatic Feed Spool) system? What benefits does it provide?

The Automatic Feed Spool (AFS™)) is the technologically advanced line feed system found on Black & Decker string trimmer products such as the Grass Hog™)  Trimmer/Edger, and the 12" Cordless Trimmer/Edger.  Using centrifugal force, the system monitors the amount of line being used and feeds more line automatically as the cutting line shortens. 
The AFS system provides three main benefits.

  • You do not need to bump the trimmer on the ground or push a button to feed the line in the trimmer
  • Because the line automatically feeds as needed, you can now enjoy non-stop trimming and edging
  • With no bumping and less starting and stopping, there is less wear and tear on the trimmer

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